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Sweet Peas Puree can be an easy baby food for your little one but also a nutritious meal for your toddler and a creative appetizer for adults. 

You can prepare a nice batch of sweet peas puree and use it to create many recipes for the whole family!

Let’s start from the basic puree.


Add the frozen sweet peas in a steamer and cook for 8 minutes. Transfer in a food processor, add the mint leaves and some water from the bottom of the steamer. Blend for 1-2 minutes to obtain a smooth puree without any peel residual.


  • Just like that. Sweet peas puree.
  • Add texture adding cottage cheese. It’s a very baby friendly cheese, you can offer it starting from 6 months of age. It will also provide an extra amount of protein to your baby meal.  (Mom’s treat. I tried this combo on a crostini with a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of salt on top. It’s a yummy appetizer for adults too!)
  • Use the puree as a pasta sauce. Cook your little one’s favorite pasta shape, I used elbows, and simply mix it with the sweet peas puree. Add some grated parmesan cheese for a cheesy yummy touch.
  • Bread sticks! For toddlers or if you are following the baby led weaning method, you might like this idea. Spread the sweet puree on some bread sticks. Cut a toast bread slice in sticks. You can cut out the edges too if your little one doesn’t like them. Spread the sweet peas puree on top and add also some veggies like cherry tomatoes halved or even shaved carrots. Add color on the green canvas. 


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Of course! Add them directly in the steamer. Cut them in small pieces so that they will have the same cooking time of the sweet peas. Carrots & zucchini are my favorite combo to pair with sweet peas.


If you prepared more than the needed quantity simply freeze the leftovers. I love the silicone cube container as I can remove from the freezer the needed quantity when I need it.


Peas. There are basically three varieties of sweet peas: English peas (the round ones where you only eat the seeds and discard the pod ), snow peas (flat ones, very tender, where you eat everything) and snap peas with a thicker crunchy pod with a puffed up look. They really look like English peas, the only difference is that you can eat the whole snow peas (pod and seeds!). They are super sweet, great if eaten raw as a snack.

Which one to serve to your little ones?

For purees I would use the seeds of English peas, the ones that you find frozen at the grocery store. 

Baby led weaning. You can offer a preloaded spoon to your baby with the puree or steam the seeds and simply mash them with your thumb and let your little one serve themselves.

Toddler (+12 months). You can steam them and serve them without mashing.


Peas are legumes, aka a great source of protein and fiber. On top of it they offer omega-3 fatty acids (brain food!).

The best part about peas is that they are rich in iron and have a high Vitamin C content.

This is a perfect combination as iron needs vitamin C to be absorbed by the body and peas have all in one!


Mhhh, if you don’t have any other option, you can use them but check the sodium amount. 

Canned sweet peas have added sodium and it’s usually too much for a baby/toddler.

If it’s your only option, choose the can that contains less sodium.

PrintSweet Peas Puree – Baby and Toddler Meal IdeasIngredients

  • 2cupsFrozen Sweet Peas
  • 4mint leaves
  • 1/2cupwater from the steamer


  1. Steam sweet peas for 8 minutes

  2. Puree in a food processor/blender adding the mint leaves and the steamer water.

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