Spring Cous Cous

I like cous cous, it’s not only yummy, but it reminds me of the Mediterranean sea. There are so many recipes that you can make with it, from the most traditional ones (with meat and stewed veggies) to creative ones (with fruit!!). I would like to share with you this baby spring couscous recipe with […]

Peas Pesto Pasta Trio

It’s a trio: this recipe will be enjoyed by your baby, your toddler and the rest of the family!Peas are sooo healthy and tasty! that’s a different way to use them. What I really like of the “mommy and daddy” version is the balance between the sweetness of the peas and the saltiness of the […]

Traditional Italian Bolognese Beef Sauce (ragu’) +10M

Hi all! This recipe comes from my mom’s recipes box. When I cook Beef Bolognese (btw, we call it Ragu’in Italy) it’s like having her next to me. She teached me how to cook it and now I’m going to share it with you in a baby version appropriate for your baby and for the […]

Vegetable Broth

That’s the very first recipe I prepared for my baby when I introduced him to solid foods. He was 6 months. It’s a very easy and basic recipe, but that’s all they need at the beginning! Enjoy!! More from my site Yogurt & Chocolate popsicle recipe Cracker ai ceci – senza glutine Semolina carrot soup […]