Colorful pasta with homemade basil Pesto

Welcome to Italy!As promised, we were able to shoot few recipes during our Italian holiday 🙂 We are in Ospedaletti, in a region called Liguria, northern Italy, next to the French border. My family has a beach apartment there and I’ve been going there since I was born. Almost every summer of my life has […]

Peach apricot summer pudding

Peaches or apricots, difficult to choose, Luca loves them both! This time he helped me picking them one by one at the farmers’ market (he’s getting a big boy!!). They were perfect for today’s recipe, the sweet fruit pudding. Warm or cold (it’s up to your taste) it’s a perfect snack for your baby and […]

Mediterranean Meatloaf

Meatloaf…it’s difficult to go wrong. It’s easy to make, very tasty and kids usually love it! It’s hot in LA right now and the meatloaf it’s a good recipe to cook in the evening and serve cold the next day. I think that the meatloaf recipe is like the Thanksgiving turkey stuffing one…every family has […]

Green Stars – Baby Pasta with Spinach

When your baby will have his first teeth (usually around 9 months) you can start preparing pasta for him. With Luca I started with “baby shapes” (in Italian “pastine”): smaller version of the traditional pasta. You can always use regular size pasta and then cut it in pieces (…you will just need more time!). For […]

Sole Fish Cakes

You know that I’m a fish fan. It’s an amazing source of proteins and “good” fats (omega 3, good for the brain development), that’s why I try to give fish to Luca twice or three times a week. I would classify this recipe as “fun”…it’s a fun way to cook fish and kids will love […]

Pasta with Homemade Sweet Peas and Ham Pesto

Those recipes that I can cook for Luca and with few adjustments here and there are perfect for the rest of the family (me&Albert), are definitely my favorites. I do not have to prepare two different things (you know, time is always a challenge) and, more important, when Luca looks at my plate and finds […]

Mediterranean Hummus

Starting from 12 months Do you need an idea for a light meal or a fresh summery snack? there it is! I love hummus, it’s easy to prepare and so nutritious for your kids! (high in iron and vitamin C, and as we are using chickpeas, they are an amazing source of protein). this is […]

Italian Mac&Cheese with Carrots

I know, it’s summer…and I know, Mac&Cheese has not a very “healthy and light diet” fame…but “June Gloom” has not totally gone yet (cloudy, overcast skies with cool temperatures in the morning and evenings..) and I was in a “healthy homemade comfort food” mood. Here you are my very personal Italian version of Mac&Cheese…it’s good […]

Broccoli and Ricotta Cupcakes

I love cupcakes. When I moved to LA I tried them for the 1st time in my life (in Italy they are not so common) and I fell in love. I not only like the taste of cupcakes but also the shape…and I think that – by definition – everything with a cupcake shape has […]

Juicy Pasta with Homemade Ragu

Hi everybody! I love this basic recipe for two reasons: so far it’s Luca’s favorite recipe….that’s why homemade ragu’ never misses from my freezer!! Second reason. From a nutritional point of view has everything a baby/toddler/kid needs: carbohydrates, proteins, veggies, good fats!! And I have to add that both me and my husband love it!! […]