How to introduce eggs to your baby & toddler

How to introduce eggs to your baby & toddler? Eggs are definitely a super food for little ones. They are loaded with so many nutrients needed for a proper brain and body development. I recently posted an article about the best baby and toddler recipes with eggs, sharing many delicious ideas on how to serve […]

Creamy Zucchini Ricotta Lasagna Gluten Free

Jump to Recipe Zucchini Ricotta Lasagna. It’s called lasagna but there is no pasta involved. 🙂 It’s an alternative lasagna that uses zucchini instead of pasta. A fun twist to the traditional recipe and a new way to offer zucchini to your toddlers. The presentation is very beautiful, perfect for a family meal. The zucchini […]

The Best Egg Recipes for Babies and Toddlers

Eggs. Such a little perfect combination of nutrients and flavor. Eggs are a wonderful and complete first food for babies. Eggs are a great source of protein, good fats (high in DHA omega-3), vitamin B, D, folate, choline, an important micronutrient that is beneficial for the brain and nervous system . All your baby needs for […]

Easy Cheesy Baked Zucchini Balls – Italian recipe

Jump to Recipe Can kids get addicted to a vegetable recipe? Yes, if it’s easy cheesy baked zucchini balls. These little balls are loaded with flavor, crunchy outside and creamy inside. Most important thing, they pass the melted mozzarella sting test! Pull them apart when still warm and a long mozzarella string will keep them […]

Dairy Free Pumpkin Almond Cookies

Jump to Recipe Not too sweet, fluffy and flakey at the same time. A great recipe using pumpkin puree. I love how the pumpkin gives moist to the cookies but doesn’t overpower the flavors. This is a great “bake with me” recipe that you can prepare with your toddlers or older kids. Easy mix and […]

Pumpkin & Sage Scones – From sandwich to easy snack

Jump to Recipe Pumpkin and squash season is definitely at the top. So many varieties and so many ways to prepare it. I love traditional pumpkin recipes (pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pasta, pumpkin risotto, roasted pumpkin, pumpkin puree, pumpkin pancakes…) but this year I wanted to share with you something new, like these pumpkin scones with […]

Easy Checkerboard Apple Cake – breakfast fun

Jump to Recipe Apple sauce, apple pie, apple tart, apple crumble, apple strudel…what about checkerboard apple cake? Super easy to prepare. Perfect for a bake together activity with your toddler. Few basic ingredients that I know you already have in your pantry and 4-5 juicy apples. My kids particularly like the aesthetic of this cake, […]

Fun & Quick Beet Mini Pancakes – Dairy Free, Iron Boosting

Jump to Recipe Yes, beets can be messy, they can stain your table, clothes and even change your baby poop’s color 🙂 but they are an awesome baby food! Beets provide needed minerals (zinc, iron, copper, potassium) and are a good source of folate, vitamin B and C. They also contain an excellent amount of […]

Easy Cous Cous Anchovies Bites – Brain Booster for Little Ones

Jump to Recipe You will love this recipe. It’s a great meal for little ones, flavorful and with a great load of Omega 3 fatty acids, essential for your baby’s brain development. But it’s also an awesome adult snack or appetizer. Anchovies are the key ingredient. Tiny small fishes classified as “low mercury” fish and […]