Spinach & Ricotta Casserole. Tasty comfort food to the rescue!

Jump to Recipe Spinach & Ricotta Casserole. Creamy, tasty, comforting. This is one of my kids’ favorite. It’s creamy and cheesy. This is also a great recipe to offer spinach to your kiddos. The bechamel sauce embraces the ricotta and spinach balls in a delicious way. The ham and provolone on top contribute to the tasty flavor.  […]

Rich Nourishing Chickpeas & Veggie Soup for a warm family dinner

This rich nourishing chickpeas & veggie soup will please the entire family. It’s dense, creamy and with a powerful background flavor thanks to the mix of spices I used. I usually don’t use hot spices for little ones, but I like using spices indeed. I started with low quantities when the kids were little (I […]

Vegetable Lasagna, creamy and delicate, double thumbs up!

Jump to Recipe Favorite vegetable lasagna. I prepared this lasagna recently for a pot luck party, I got distracted chatting with some friends and by the time I reached the buffet to try the lasagna…there was nothing left! LOL, the best compliment for a home chef is the clean plate of the guests. The vegetable […]

Nutella Oat Bars – little bites of full energy

Nutella Oat Bars. I would define this recipe a “decadent energy treat”. It’s very easy to prepare and it received triple thumbs up from the kids, as you can imagine. 🤣🤣 But it also received thumbs up from me. Not overly sweet, enriched with chia and hemp seeds, a great after school or sport snack. […]

The Best Roasted Pork Loin with Pancetta and Greens.

Jump to Recipe The best roasted pork loin stuffed with pancetta, Swiss chard and provolone cheese. It brings me back so many childhood memories! It’s simply delicious, the kids loved it and it was gone in one meal. No leftovers 🙂 When you see a roasted pork loin on Pinterest or Instagram you might be […]

18 tips how to get kids to eat more vegetables

HOW CAN I GET MY KIDS TO EAT MORE VEGETABLES? Definitely one of the most asked questions on my YT page. For sure. I wish I had a magic wand and an easy solution that works for every child and makes them eat tons of veggies. Reality is that there is not a method or […]

Easy Apple Pear Cranberry Walnuts Cake, aka awesome Ciambella

In Italy “Ciambella” is an actual cake category. Ciambella is basically any donut shaped cake. The filling/flavor can vary a lot from a traditional vanilla ciambella to marbled chocolate to fruity and so on. Today I added some Fall flavors to my ciambella and enjoyed it with some friends. This recipe is definitely a “bake […]

Summer Cannellini Beans Salad for all ages. Delicious and Easy!

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Barbara Lamperti (@buonapappa) Cannellini Beans Summer Salad for kids? YESS! It’s the right combination of flavors, very colorful and with a refreshing taste. Cannellini beans are great for little ones: with a natural sweet background flavor, creamy, with a delicate skin that can be eaten with […]

Favorite easy strawberry baby puree – immune system booster

Jump to Recipe Fruit purees are always a baby favorite food. Breastmilk is naturally sweet and the natural sweetness of the fruit makes it a fluid transition to solid food. This puree has a lovely bright fresh fruity flavor thanks to the strawberries and tons of natural sugars and creaminess thanks to the banana. The […]

Quick & Easy Summer pasta with zucchini, fresh tomatoes and olives.

Jump to Recipe Light and tasty. Zucchini and fresh tomato olive pasta. An easy family recipe for weeknights ready in 30 min total from when you open the fridge to when you serve it to the table. A great way to offer zucchini to your little ones.  Red onions will offer a sweet background flavor […]