Turkey Veggie Meatballs in Marinara Sauce – Egg Free

This is definitely one of my staple recipes for the kids: they love their turkey veggie meatballs in marinara sauce. I always have a batch of meatballs ready to be cooked in the freezer. Meatballs really make my life easier: I can load them with so many nutrients (veggies, seeds, nuts) and make my kids […]

Cauliflower Mac and Cheese +10M

Raise your hand if your kids love Mac and Cheese 🙂 I know, Mac and Cheese is the most popular kids comfort food ever. Soft, cheesy, bite size, creamy, one bright color only: all reassuring and comforting qualities for a kid. So…why not transforming the #1 kids comfort food into a mom’s favorite too?? Adding […]

Christmas Tree Vegetable Platter

With the upcoming holidays it’s always nice to have a fun, light and healthy recipe to add to the menu’ 🙂 Veggie platters are such a convenient idea to display while you are cooking: when the kids are hungry (exactly when you are cooking and you still need 15 minutes to finish) they are usually […]

Chicken Coconut Curry with Green Beans and Bell Peppers +12M

Spices can really transform the flavor of a recipe and when it comes to curry I like to mix together the basic spices to create my own curry mix following my kids’ taste. Today I used a mix of cumin + turmeric + coriander for the chicken and I also added some veggies, green beans […]

Oat Zucchini Blueberry Apple Pancakes +9M

I’m always looking for breakfast healthy ideas for the kids. Somehow breakfast is a tricky meal: there is not a lot of time to prepare, we are always in a rush during week days and my kids really like sweet food in the early morning rather than savory ones. Yes, we have our breakfast favorites […]

Pumpkin Gorgonzola Bake Pasta

This pasta is such a lovely ideas for the Holiday table: it will satisfy the whole family, baby included!!! It’s one of my one family = one recipe ideas. You will be able to serve the roasted pumpkin and carrot puree to your baby (starting from 6 months!!) either with veggies only or, as a […]

Nuts and Seeds Sweet Bread – family recipe

We love multigrain breads loaded with seeds with a dense nutty flavor, “dark breads” like my kids call them 😉 That’s what I like giving to the kids in the morning for breakfast or as a snack. I’ve seen the “stone bread” recipe on Instagram few times so I wanted to create a lightly and […]

Tapioca Cheesy Balls

My cousin introduced me to these simply addictive tapioca cheesy balls, naturally gluten and grain free. Crispy outside and soft and gooey inside…and, of course, they taste like Parmesan cheese. No doubt that the kids LOVE them!! Considering the ingredients, these lovely balls are a perfect toddler food or baby led weaning one (after one year)! […]

Farro Salmon Salad

Summertime salads are the best! They can be prepared ahead and served cold at lunchtime 🙂 This version with salmon and fresh vegetables is a perfect complete meal for the whole family. Vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates all in one spoon! If your kids are not big salmon fans, you can switch it with some other protein […]

Chocolate brownie trees – gluten free and vegan

I really like switching ingredients in my recipes, substituting traditional ingredients to make the recipe lighter, healthier and super kid friendly. This recipe is dedicated to all Luca and Alex’s friends with food allergies. A decadent and rich chocolate dessert for the holidays, allergy free! It’s vegan AND gluten free…without mentioning that is sooo good! I […]