Baked Dijon Honey Salmon – One sheet dinner. Easy and delicious

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Barbara Lamperti (@buonapappa) Baked salmon with dijon honey glaze and veggies. This is a staple at our dinner table. One of the kids’ most favorite recipes. I usually serve it with some rice on the side to complete the meal. It’s a no fail recipe and […]

The easiest Sweet Peas Puree – Baby And Toddler Meal Ideas

Jump to Recipe Sweet Peas Puree can be an easy baby food for your little one but also a nutritious meal for your toddler and a creative appetizer for adults.  You can prepare a nice batch of sweet peas puree and use it to create many recipes for the whole family! Let’s start from the […]

Easy Cous Cous Anchovies Bites – Brain Booster for Little Ones

Jump to Recipe You will love this recipe. It’s a great meal for little ones, flavorful and with a great load of Omega 3 fatty acids, essential for your baby’s brain development. But it’s also an awesome adult snack or appetizer. Anchovies are the key ingredient. Tiny small fishes classified as “low mercury” fish and […]

Healthy & Easy Chickpeas Zucchini Pesto Pasta – One family, one recipe.

Jump to Recipe One family, one recipe. I’m always thrilled when I can share with you an healthy, easy and tasty recipe that will allow you to feed the WHOLE family at the same time. Today’s recipe is one of those! The chickpeas pasta serves as baby puree, baby led weaning recipe, toddler recipe and […]

Crispy and Simple Golden Chickpea Nuggets. Meatless + Iron Boosting

Jump to Recipe Nuggets, Tots, Croquettes, Sticks…they are all super kid friendly shapes. Easy to handle, fun, bite size. Perfect for toddlers. They all have a crispy and crunchy outside with a creamy and tasty inside. I already shared trusted chicken and fish nuggets recipes with you, so today I wanted to offer a meatless […]

Baked Oatmeal Cups with Fruit +9M Vegan and GF

Jump to Recipe Hello lovely people! It has been a while and since the last time I shared a recipe with you and the life as we knew it simply changed. We are currently at our 4th week of lockdown. School-from-home is the new reality and #stayathome is the only way we have to help […]

Rice Banana Avocado Baby Energy Bites +6M

Jump to Recipe I love energy bites: small treat that you can indulge yourself with during the day as a light snack to recharge the energies. I like to prepare small energy balls for the kids to take to school and enjoy when they do sports. With that in mind I asked myself: why babies […]

White Beans Chocolate Muffins – Dairy Free

Jump to Recipe Chocolate Muffins. An easy score with kids 🙂 Today I want to share my white beans chocolate muffins recipe, dairy free and simply decadent. Moist, chocolatey and light. So easy to prepare that I asked my 6yrs old sous chef to do everything 🙂 I simply prepared the ingredients in the right […]

Quinoa Almond Orange Cocoa Balls +6M

Jump to Recipe When I created this recipe my goal was to find a baby friendly sweet treat without refined sugars, easy to digest, nutritious, easy to handle by little ones…and good. I started from a traditional energy ball recipe that I like with chocolate and oranges and I kept switching ingredients here and there. […]

Fruit Sweet Bread Cups with Yogurt

A summer refreshing kid friendly treat that will please both little and big ones 🙂 The fruit cups are such a fun idea for a party!! I love preparing the sweet bread cups the day before and simply displaying a fruit and toppings bar so that guest can fill their fruit cups as they like. […]