Potatoe and ham casserole – Thanksgiving for kids

Ciao! today I would like to share with you another idea for Thanksgiving. Very kids friendly, easy and yummy. It can be a nice side dish in the Thanksgiving menu’ or, considering that we are using eggs + ham + cheese + potatoes, a complete full meal for any day of the week!Enjoy!! As we […]

Pasta with Homemade Sweet Peas and Ham Pesto

Those recipes that I can cook for Luca and with few adjustments here and there are perfect for the rest of the family (me&Albert), are definitely my favorites. I do not have to prepare two different things (you know, time is always a challenge) and, more important, when Luca looks at my plate and finds […]

Mediterranean Hummus

Starting from 12 months Do you need an idea for a light meal or a fresh summery snack? there it is! I love hummus, it’s easy to prepare and so nutritious for your kids! (high in iron and vitamin C, and as we are using chickpeas, they are an amazing source of protein). this is […]