Tomato Mushroom Quiche with Gluten Free Paleo Crust +12M

Jump to Recipe We are tomato lovers here. When they are at the top of the season (end of summer) their taste is simply unbeatable: sweet, warm, intense. You can really taste the summer sun in them. This recipe is a great way to use ripen summer tomatoes and also use different colors and varieties […]

Blueberry Chickpea Vegan Muffins +9M

A sweet treat here and there is nice 🙂 Our little ones deserve it too!! This is an almost allergy free recipe (no eggs, no gluten, no dairy, no nuts) that you can safely offer to your little ones satisfying their sweet palate without the side effects of refined sugars.  I usually use chickpea flour […]

Oat Banana Cinnamon Teething Cookies – GF & vegan +6M

Jump to Recipe Teething cookies!! Definitely a recipe that will come useful when your little one will start drooling like a pro and chewing every single thing he can grab to relive the constant discomfort due to red gums and growing teeth. With my two kids I learned that teething cookies are a wonderful way […]

Carrot Coconut Chicken Burgers

When you deal with picky eaters I found that playing around a trusted traditional recipe can help. If your kid loves pasta, why not dressing the pasta with a marinara sauce loaded with veggies? Or if your kid loves hamburgers, why not preparing them from scratch adding veggies inside? This was my inspiration for today’s […]

Avocado Brownies – no eggs no dairy

When a recipe is healthy and at the same time irresistible you know that you nailed it 😉 The avocado brownies were gone in two days and this time I could enjoy them too, being egg and dairy free!! Few things I really love about this recipe: it’s super easy to prepare (simply throw the […]

Lentil Veggie Almond Tots – gluten and egg free

Red lentils are definitely one of my favorite ingredients to cook for my kids: from a nutritional point of view lentils are one of the healthiest foods you can think about and from a culinary point of view they are creamy, delicate in flavor (and easy to cook). Definitely a win win situation 🙂 Lentils are […]

Butternut Squash and Kale Mac&Cheese

Every kid loves Mac&Cheese, it’s the #1 kid comfort food: creamy, warm, cheesy.For the upcoming Holidays I decided to prepare an healthy version of the traditional Mac&Cheese adding two seasonal ingredients like butternut squash and kale to give an extra punch of nutrients to the recipe. As I’m cooking for little picky eaters I decided […]

Butternut Squash Cheesy Balls

The Holidays are getting closer and closer and I’m already thinking about a tasty and yummy menu for my family, super kid friendly 😉 Butternut squash (or pumpkin or any variety of squash) is now in season and is a must for the Holiday table. I’ve been preparing it in so many ways (lasagne filling or pasta sauce, […]

Cherry Tomato Tulips

The tomato tulips are a nice idea to prepare for mother’s day with your kids help 🙂 Simple and healthy at the same time. They can help you fill the tulips or just have fun displaying them on a serving plate! I was supposed to display them in a nice bouquet but Luca decided that […]

Baked fish sticks – Gluten free

White fish fillets might not be the kind of food kids dream about, but if you transform them in fun tasty crunchy sticks and you call them “sharky fingers” the situation might drastically change in your favor 😉 They were such a hit last night at home that I didn’t cook enough for everybody, hi […]