Summer Cannellini Beans Salad for all ages. Delicious and Easy!

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Barbara Lamperti (@buonapappa) Cannellini Beans Summer Salad for kids? YESS! It’s the right combination of flavors, very colorful and with a refreshing taste. Cannellini beans are great for little ones: with a natural sweet background flavor, creamy, with a delicate skin that can be eaten with […]

Butternut Squash, Turmeric & Rosemary Focaccia Bread +9M Sooo good!

Jump to Recipe Focaccia = Heaven’s food. There is no other way to describe this Italian soft flatbread: airy, fluffy, that smells and tastes like olive oil. It’s addictive, be careful! We loooove focaccia here. No doubt. Every time I bake a tray it’s literally inhaled by the kids and my hubby (and by me!!). […]

Chickpeas Potato Curry Soup +9M Vegan – Baby Food & Spices

Jump to Recipe Such a nourishing soup for little ones and grown ups. You will love the mild spice background flavor that comes from the curry powder and the garam masala. You can adjust the spiciness pending your little one’s age and your family’s taste. The suggested quantities will offer you a mild and delicately […]

Vitamin C Applesauce to Boost Immune System +6m

Jump to Recipe Raise your hand if your eyes widen when you hear the first sneeze in the house. I definitely do. Reality is that colds/coughs/running noses are totally normal during this time of the year, but that doesn’t mean they are welcome 🙂 This is the time when I switch my menu plan into […]

Banana French Toast. Easy and Nutritious Breakfast. +6M

Jump to Recipe French Toast. Such an easy breakfast to prepare for your little one and for the whole family. It’s a quick and nutritious cousin of the pancakes, but it takes way less time to prepare. Today I would like to share with you a baby version, enriched with banana some spices and hemp […]

Cherry Banana Baby Puffs +6M – Gluten and Dairy Free

Jump to Recipe Baby Puffs are one of the most viewed recipes here at BuonaPappa and to be sincere I’m not surprised 🙂 Puffs are a perfect baby snack: light: it doesn’t compromise meals. not messy: you don’t have to mop the floor if they fall. portable: perfect on-the-go snack idea. entertaining: my kids spent […]

Ricotta Strawberry Cake +12M

Jump to Recipe This is a perfect cake for a beginner: easy to prepare, moist and tasty. Strawberries and oranges give a lovely fruity flavor while the ricotta keeps the cake moist. The cake is not over sweet: I added a minimus amount of sugar (you can substitute cane sugar with maple syrup) and I […]

Quarantine Birthday Party Ideas and Vanilla Chocolate Cake Recipe

Jump to Recipe My little one just turned 7 last week. I love birthday celebrations. During the winter break I have been thinking and asking Alex how we could celebrate his birthday: family trip to Legoland? Art and Drawing party with his friends? Roller-skate party? Bouncy house in the backyard? We went big and small, […]

Mango Spinach Baby Puffs +6M GF

Jump to Recipe I cannot count the times I gave baby puffs to my kids as an easy snack on the go or while I was preparing meals. Baby puffs not only represent a light snack but a fabulous entertaining for the little ones, almost better than play dough 🙂 Yes, you can find very […]