5 minutes homemade zucchini pesto

If you have only 10 minutes to prepare an healthy and tasty meal for your family, this is the “to go” recipe. In 5 minutes your homemade zucchini pesto will be ready and in other 5 minutes the pasta will be perfectly “al dente” to be dressed by the pesto. Few ingredients: Compared to the […]

Tuna baby pasta with vegetables

Cooking fish for a kid is not always so easy…but if you transform the fish in a pasta sauce everything is easier 🙂 This recipe is designed for little palates (12/18 months toddlers), but it can be easily given to babies 9/12 months just not adding any salt and making the sauce into a nice […]

Stuffed potatoes with mozzarella and ham

This recipe falls in the healthy comfort food category: it’s deliciously yummy and you do not feel guilty once you ate it 🙂super duper kids friendly and easy to make…what else could I say?!try it and let me know what you think. You bake the potatoes in the oven and than you create some “pockets” […]

Braised beef with apples and roots + baby beef puree

Spring, such a beautiful season, full of life! crazy weather indeed. Today we have a lovely sun and a freezing wind that comes from the ocean…that’s why I was in a “stew” mood. I wanted to cook something warm, but at the same time with a different flavor: braised beef with apples and roots. The […]

Kids fish chowder – recipe

Colds and flu are common in this time of the year…and if your kid gets it there is a very good chance that you will get it too 😉We did…all.That’s the reason why I was in a total comfort food mood….but still healthy. I really wanted a warm creamy something…like…a chowder!! I haven’t introduced shellfish […]

Pasta with squash and spinach

Halloween is over…and Thanksgiving is coming!!! Here is the USA fall is a very busy time of the year 🙂 Let’s start today with a very seasonal recipe that might be a different idea for kids on Thanksgiving day. If you are not celebrating Thanksgiving, this is a very yummy recipe that uses fresh seasonal […]