Lentil Broccoli Soup Recipe +10M

Nourishing and comforting, that’s why I like this soup 🙂 High iron, protein and fiber content. It’s one of my kids favorite so far. Little one like it very creamy (the immersion blender does its part) and big one more chunky. I like it either ways 🙂 The soup is ready in 30min total from […]

Turkey Veggie Bolognese Sauce +12M

The classic Italian Bolognese sauce is made with ground beef + pancetta + tomato. Insanely good and super kid friendly. The recipe that I want to share with you is a version loaded with seasonal vegetables that keeps the yummy taste and gives an extra boost of nutrients. If you are dealing with a picky […]

Melon Apricot Dates baby puree’ +6M

A summer treat for the whole family, baby included! This melon, apricot, dates puree/smoothie is simply delicious. Super easy to prepare, you just need a melon and few apricots sweet and in season 😉 Suitable for babies starting from +6M Melons (Galia, Cantalupe, Watermelon….) are a super refreshing and nutritious food for your baby: rich […]

Chocolate Energy Bites

When your kid needs an healthy boost of energy, these Chocolate Bites are a wonderful idea! No bake, no refined sugars, no gluten….loaded with more than 10 healthy and nutritious ingredients, without mentioning the lovely chocolate taste! It’s a win-win situation: kids love them + moms love them. The procedure is so simple that your older […]

Vegetable Bolognese Pasta

We recently had some friends over for dinner with two adorable kids, more or less the same age of mine. I used to cook for them anything I wanted and I remember how passionate they were about my pasta. I also know that they are now going through a though (at least for the mom) […]

Smoked salmon & Avocado cheesecake

A kid friendly appetizer for parties and family gathering: mini savory cheesecakes. A traditional butter and crackers base with a very fluffy mix of cheeses topped with smoked salmon and avocado. The final result is beautiful (your guests will be impressed, hi hi!) and you can prepare the mini cheesecakes in advance the day before […]

Roasted carrots hummus

I think it happens to you very often too: you’re in the middle of preparing lunch or dinner and your kids come to you with a starving face asking for food and not being able to wait a single second more 😉 Yes, you can always choose the hard way and tell them to wait […]

Vegetable Frittata

Young picky eaters 99% of the times do not like vegetables and do not like green (aka 90% of vegetables). I like finding creative and healthy ways to offer vegetables to kids without them even noticing it. Usually it works. But what works too is using the powerful colors of vegetables all together to surprise […]

Gluten free ham and arugula quiche

Thanksgiving is coming and it’s time to start looking for yummy and inviting recipes to enjoy with all the family. In the last years I noticed that I really put a huge effort in preparing the Thanksgiving meal and the following days I kind of feel without ideas with tons of leftovers to use. That’s why […]

Vegetarian gluten free eggplant pizza recipe – kids friendly

My kids simply adore pasta and pizza, maybe it’s the Italian dna 😉 In order to offer them a nice and balanced diet I try to give them either pasta or pizza once a day, preferably at lunch. Sometimes it happens that my little Luca, even if he had his daily dose of pasta at […]