Christmas Pizza

How to transform in few simple moves a traditional veggie pizza into a fun edible Christmas wreath!! This is such a fun food project to do with your kids!!! They can shape the pizza at the beginning, or help you cutting out the shapes from the veggies or spread the tomato sauce or add their […]

Broccoli Pasta with Cashews cream

A friend of mine asked me if I liked the “Alfredo” sauce (aka butter + heavy cream + cheese + garlic sauce) and I replied with a smile that I never tried or made it, even if I’m Italian and even if I’ve been living in the States for more than 10 years (wow, time […]

Baby Green Puffs, no gluten no dairy +6M

Baby Puffs are such an easy baby snack. I do not count the times when my kids were babies and we were either on the go or I needed a light snack for them…and baby puffs were such a fast + convenient + loved by them!!! solution. There are many Organic Healthy products on the […]

Fava Bean & Kale Baby Food Puree +8M

Fava beans (also known as Broad Beans) are very popular in Italy, they are usually in season in spring. Sweeter and tender than regular sweet peas they are a lovely snack even raw. To be sincere it takes a bit of time to clean them as you have to shell them from the pod and […]

Chocolate Granola Fruity Bars

My little Luca (he’s now 6!!) started doing sports on a regular basis and snacks are become a real energy charge for him!! He really really likes granola bars and at the beginning I simply bought them from my the store. Than I started reading the ingredients and checking the prices…discovering that: not every advertised “healthy” granola […]

Fruit Christmas Tree

No matter how healthy and organic you want to be, the Christmas menu always ends up being a very rich meal 😉 That’s why I want to suggest you a very beautiful, fun and refreshing idea for dessert or in addition to the dessert: a 100% fruit Christmas tree. I made it with my Luca […]

Fish Cauliflower croquettes

Croquettes, patties, meatballs, they are all very kid friendly: maybe for the easy to hold shape and size, maybe for the creamy and smooth texture. They are also a mom’s favorite as you can really load them with tons of veggies and proteins. This is definitely a picky eater recipe 😉 Today I decided to […]

Zucchini flower tart

My husband Albert LOVES Italian stuffed zucchini flowers, it’s a real treat for him. For father’s day I really wanted to prepare something special for him, beautiful to see and at the same time kid friendly 🙂 I ended up with a super soft tart (the base really tastes like a focaccia!!) topped with zucchini flowers […]

Homemade Focaccia bread with fresh thyme

Homemade Focaccia bread is one of my favorite Italian recipes. Few basic ingredients mixed together in order to create a fluffy, airy deliciousness with this intense and wonderful Extra Virgin Olive Oil flavor. The recipe is extremely simple with only two things to remember. 1 – resting times are essential for the final result. The […]

Smoked salmon lasagne

Smoked salmon and lasagne: an unconventional and delicious combination. Delicate and incredibly tasty. So simple to make that I asked Luca to do it (the tiny hands in the video are his!!!) while I was filming. Only five ingredients: homemade béchamel (check the video recipe here), smoked salmon (a good quality one, not processed, no added […]