The Best Italian Ricotta Crumble Cake – Torta Sbrisolona

Jump to Recipe Italian Ricotta Crumble Cake. That’s the closest translation I could find for “sbrisolona” that basically means “something that creates crumbles”. This is such a fun and easy cake to prepare, definitely to be added to the “bake with me” recipe list. The final result is simply delicious. Top and bottom are made […]

Vegetable Lasagna, creamy and delicate, double thumbs up!

Jump to Recipe Favorite vegetable lasagna. I prepared this lasagna recently for a pot luck party, I got distracted chatting with some friends and by the time I reached the buffet to try the lasagna…there was nothing left! LOL, the best compliment for a home chef is the clean plate of the guests. The vegetable […]

Easy Cardamom Pear Peas Meal – baby constipation remedy

Jump to Recipe Today’s recipe has tons of healthy benefits thanks to the particular combination of ingredients. It’s a lovely baby friendly meal that can be served both in the puree’ form or in small pieces starting from 6 months of age. I wanted to share with you a baby recipe using cardamom, an amazing […]

At the Beach with a Toddler – Food Ideas and Practical Tips

Going at the beach is so much fun. Simply looking at the blue of the ocean makes me happy and the joy of the kids splashing in the water and playing with the sand is priceless. Still, moving away from the Instagram perfect beach picture reality is that a stress-free lunch at the beach with […]

Baked Chicken Vegetable Samosa

Samosa, empanada, calzone…so many international ways to define a small pocket made of pastry and filled with yummy ingredients. Every country has its own recipe and variations: the pastry can be phyllo, puff pastry, pizza dough or a combo of the mentioned ones and the filling can really be anything from vegetables only, meat only, […]

Spinach Almond Waffles – Gluten and Grain Free +6M

Jump to Recipe Breakfast. One of the most important meal of the day from a nutritional point of view. Our kids need an healthy boost of energy to start their day full of activities and fun. Coming from an Italian background I like sweet flavors at breakfast, that’s how I was raised.  Every morning I […]

Almond Cookies with Raspberry Jam – Vegan and Gluten Free

For Valentine’s Day this year I wanted to prepare something sweet that everyone could enjoy: toddlers/kids/adults. Cookies was definitely the direction to go 🙂 I wanted the cookies to be egg free (so that I could enjoy them too) + refined sugar free (so that the kids wouldn’t bounce on the walls) + dairy free […]

Zucchini Avocado Carrots Savory Muffins +9M

Jump to Recipe Savory muffins are such a great idea for an easy lunch, for lunch boxes and on-the-go lunches! That’s what I like about them: 1 muffin is 1 small kid portion. They are a fun finger food for the kids. No mess and easy to eat. It’s a lovely baby led weaning idea. […]

Homemade Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is a very easy way to introduce dairy in your baby’s diet: smooth texture, delicate flavor, it works both with sweet and savory recipes. It can easily be mixed with fresh fruit or veggies, making them more appealing for the kids 🙂 In many countries cream cheese is easily found at the grocery […]

Green Iron Boosting Smoothie

Smoothies are such a fun and smart way to offer fruit and veggies to your picky eater without complaints. This green smoothie is loaded with ingredients high in Iron and Vitamin C to help your baby’s growth and brain development. Doesn’t have any added sugar, I simply used the natural sugar in fruit to sweeten […]