Beautiful Strawberry Rose Pastry with Lemon Custard

Jump to Recipe This beautiful strawberry rose pastry is perfect to celebrate Mother’s Day, to surprise your guest at a party or simply to enjoy your kids’ wow for a special breakfast or snack. It looks professional bakery made and it’s very simple to prepare at home 🙂 I divided the recipe into three steps: […]

Easy Apple Pear Cranberry Walnuts Cake, aka awesome Ciambella

In Italy “Ciambella” is an actual cake category. Ciambella is basically any donut shaped cake. The filling/flavor can vary a lot from a traditional vanilla ciambella to marbled chocolate to fruity and so on. Today I added some Fall flavors to my ciambella and enjoyed it with some friends. This recipe is definitely a “bake […]

Easy Cheesy Baked Zucchini Balls – Italian recipe

Jump to Recipe Can kids get addicted to a vegetable recipe? Yes, if it’s easy cheesy baked zucchini balls. These little balls are loaded with flavor, crunchy outside and creamy inside. Most important thing, they pass the melted mozzarella sting test! Pull them apart when still warm and a long mozzarella string will keep them […]

Fun & Quick Beet Mini Pancakes – Dairy Free, Iron Boosting

Jump to Recipe Yes, beets can be messy, they can stain your table, clothes and even change your baby poop’s color 🙂 but they are an awesome baby food! Beets provide needed minerals (zinc, iron, copper, potassium) and are a good source of folate, vitamin B and C. They also contain an excellent amount of […]

Super Easy Pineapple Coconut Banana Popsicle. Summer kids snack!

Jump to Recipe Summer = popsicles. Easy equation. Refreshing, hydrating, fun, tasty. Popsicles are a summer must. Forget the store bought ones, they are usually loaded with added sugars and artificial colors. You can prepare sweet healthy popsicles at home in few minutes and be in full control of what’s inside. Today I want to share […]

Egg Free Zucchini Turkey Meatballs +9M

Jump to Recipe Definitely one of our favorite meatballs recipe. Loaded with nutrients and flavor. It’s perfect for picky eaters: the zucchini are very well combined with all the other ingredients. They give that extra moist that balances the turkey meat. The fresh tomato sauce receives all the juices from the meatballs and becomes super […]

Sardines Avocado Almond Baby Balls +6M GF No Bake

Jump to Recipe If you are looking for an easy baby recipe, loaded with nutrients, brain boosting, iron boosting and that doesn’t require any cooking…you might want to try this one. Few super food ingredients combined together for an unusual baby food combo: sardines, avocado, almonds, hemp seeds and oat cereals. The final result can […]

Millet Tomato Avocado Chia Salad +8M

The name salad is seldom associated to baby food even if there are so many salads that are baby friendly like the millet avocado one. Your baby will love the smooth and creamy texture of the millet mixed with the avocado. Summer tomatoes (with low acidity and tons of sweetness) will add a fresh and […]

Boccoli Muffins with Brown Rice – Gluten Free +9M

Savory muffins can be a fun way to offer vegetables to picky eaters. They have a fun and “safe” shape that the kids will like, they are easy to handle…and they taste good! Today I replaced the flour with brown rice, to give more texture, add creaminess and also offer a gluten free option. I […]

Oat Granola Bars – Gluten, Nut, Dairy Free +12M

Granola bars are such a convenient snack for the kids. Easy to hold, easy on-the-go solution and loaded with nutrients. You can find great organic kid friendly options at the grocery store, still, preparing homemade granola bars is so easy that you might consider to give it a try! In addition to that, homemade granola […]