Zucchini Pistachio Pasta +9M

Zucchini are a summer favorite: lightly sweet background flavor, soft pulp and skin, easy to digest, so versatile. A perfect baby food ingredient! Today I’m using the zucchini for a tasty pasta dressing. I will enhance the zucchini flavor roasting them and than I will create a pesto adding pistachios and smoked ricotta. This recipe […]

Baked White Fish with Olives Potato Pear +6M

Fish is a very good source of protein for your little one and you can start introducing it in your baby’s diet at around 6 months of age. I always like to start with delicate flavors so I would suggest a white fish fillet for your very first fish baby recipe. Sole is a lovely […]

Fava Beans & Cashew Cream Pasta +12M

I’m always looking for pasta sauces loaded with nutrients like this fava beans and cashew one as my kids will say “yes” to pasta anytime, anyway 😉 Fava beans (aka broad beans) are finally back in season: their bright green and tender texture definitely recalls Spring! Those large flat beans are a concentrate of good […]

Quinoa Broccoli Meatballs EggFree / Dairy Free / Gluten Free +9M

No doubt, meatballs are one of the easiest recipes to satisfy a picky eater and sneak in some veggies without complaints 😉 I’ve been rolling and rolling meatballs for my kids since they were little, any kind…meat/chicken/fish/veggie only. Pan fried or baked, with sauce or whiteout sauce. It’s always a win + win situation = […]

Quinoa Zucchini Oats Fritters – Gluten Free

I really like to use quinoa in my family recipes, it’s so versatile and with such an unique texture. Quinoa is a seed, not a grain, so naturally gluten free. It’s a nutritious food for babies and kids, a lovely source of proteins. Today I prepared some quinoa fritters adding zucchini + eggs + oats […]

Chickpea Pancakes recipe – dairy and gluten free

Savory pancakes made with chickpeas…creamy, tasty and simply yummy!!! I use chickpeas a lot in my recipes: hummus, farinata, salads…and even pancakes! I made the recipe dairy free simply substituting regular milk with almond milk, but you can use the milk of your choice. As I didn’t use lactose milk, the recipe is a lovely […]

Black Bean Hummus Dip

A simple and easy presentation can transform an ordinary dip in a super fun mini vegetable garden that your kids will love. The black bean hummus is creamy, light and with a lovely citrusy spicy flavor. The hummus is vegan and gluten free. If you skip the salt, the recipe is suitable for babies too, starting […]

Rice Soup with Veggies

  For the past few weeks we had an unusual cold weather here in Los Angeles and I totally lost my voice right before Christmas (not the perfect time of the year, I know…). It is not back 100% but at least I can communicate without using sign language 😉 The kids have been kind […]

No Sugar + Dairy Free Banana Bread recipe – baby friendly

I’ve been testing and testing this recipe in order to find the “perfect” ingredients’ mix. I wanted a refined sugar free + dairy free banana bread to offer to my kids almost on a daily basis as they simply LOVE banana bread. I used natural sweeteners like dates and vanilla and I substituted dairy ingredients […]

Lentil soup with pasta (+10 months)

A super food for babies…and for the whole family. A tasty, nutritious and complete meal, super simple to prepare. You can start introducing lentils, legumes and dry beans in your baby’s diet at around 8/10 months. Even if many parents start offering lentils at an early age (6 months), I suggest to wait few more […]