Homemade Nutella hazelnut spread

I grew up in Italy and Nutella had a big role in my childhood (…and not only in my childhood!!). I do not know exactly what intrigues me more..the chocolaty taste, the creamy texture or just the fact that I can keep eating it without stopping 🙂 It doesn’t surprise anybody that my little Luca […]

Spring onions and tomato pasta

It’s fun. When spring fully comes I suddenly switch from “comfort recipe” mode into “light and healthy recipe” mode. Does it happen to you too??Spring onions and fresh tomato pasta is a very easy recipe that I recently discovered thanks to my cousin Cristina: it’s one of her signature dishes. Extremely easy to prepare and […]

Mediterranean halibut fish fillet

When you can find fresh and seasonal ingredients it’s easy to cook: the quality of the ingredients will do the job 🙂Today I found a nice halibut fillet, fresh and wild caught. so inviting that I could not resist. I try to cook fish few times a week for my family (it’s so important for […]

Breadsticks for daddy – father’s day

Father’s day!!! such a lovely celebration. Being Luca and Alex so young I’m going to help them preparing a special day for daddy. Finding a nice, creative gift is not always easy: I do not want to go technological (my husband is very picky about his tech equipment, I really would not know where to […]

Quiche from Provence with cherry tomatoes and basil

Being so close to the French border (Ospedaletti is only few miles from it) I couldn’t resist to go and have a look at the local farmer’s market in Menton, a small and lovely town right after the border….wow…what an amazing experience!Hundreds of French cheeses displayed in graceful order, colorful spices for every taste, amazing […]

Pasta with swordfish and cherry tomatoes

Fresh fish directly from the Mediterranean sea. The fishmonger told me they caught it last night. How to resist!!! Together with some sweet cherry tomatoes from the local farmers market I decided to make “Swordfish on the wheels” (yes, the pasta is wheel shape…). It’s an easy recipe, so yummy, trust me!! As you will […]

Broccoli and Ricotta Cupcakes

I love cupcakes. When I moved to LA I tried them for the 1st time in my life (in Italy they are not so common) and I fell in love. I not only like the taste of cupcakes but also the shape…and I think that – by definition – everything with a cupcake shape has […]

Spring Cous Cous

I like cous cous, it’s not only yummy, but it reminds me of the Mediterranean sea. There are so many recipes that you can make with it, from the most traditional ones (with meat and stewed veggies) to creative ones (with fruit!!). I would like to share with you this baby spring couscous recipe with […]