Zucchini Avocado Tomato puree +9M

Baby puree or spoon appetizer for adults? I have to say that it’s difficult to choose 😉 This is another lovely 1 family = 1 recipe idea. The baby food is creamy, tasty and super nutritious. The avocado gives a nice dose of health Omega 3 fats and the tomato a nice fresh summer taste. […]

Baby Carrot Beet Cake with Cashew frosting – vegan

First birthday cakes are my favorites: I love finding a recipe that works both for the baby and for the rest of the family&friends. As we are officially in spring, I think you will appreciate this lovely carrot & orange beet cake with cashews frosting. It’s super delicious! I would definitely suggest it for any […]

Baby Chocolate Purple Cake

First Birthday Cakes are always something special, you want them to be: beautiful to impress your guests and family healthy so that your little one will be able to enjoy it too tasty to please the adults’ palate too easy to prepare without artificial colors or flavors a lot to ask to a simple cake, […]

Halloween Pizza

On Halloween day my little Luca is having a party at school and all the parents are organizing a potluck: I have been thinking about a savory plate that can be served to the kids even at room temperature (I’m not sure we will be able to reheat the food) and of course, on the […]

Frankenstein spinach and kale pie

Who said that Halloween should only be about candies and junk food? There are tons of spooky and fun recipes that are at the same time healthy and tasty. Your kids will go nuts for this super fun Frankenstein green pie (mine did!!) and they might even eat spinach+kale without complaining for one time 😉 Alex […]

Zucchini Carrots & Ham mini muffins

Savory muffins are a wonderful way to hide tons of vegetables from your fussy eater sight 😉 The trick is to add a very tasty ingredient like ham (pancetta in my case) or a strong cheese (pecorino, manchego, gouda, feta) and to shred the vegetables in tiny tiny pieces so that your kid will not recognize […]

Baked Broccoli and Potato cheesy tots

  When it comes to green vegetables sometimes kids can get really really picky. That’s why I like finding fun and healthy recipes to make my kids enjoying “the greens”. The broccoli and potato tots are easy to make and you can prepare them in advance, store in the refrigerator and warm up when needed 😉 […]

Buckwheat pear and zucchini baby puree

Buckwheat is fun for more than one reason. The names tricks you as you can think it is a cereal or a grain, but it is none of that. It’s a fruit seed (like quinoa) and more nutritious of a regular seed. Being gluten free it is far less likely to provoke allergies and this […]

Apple cake – gluten free

When it comes to apple cakes my mind goes back to my childhood when my mom used to prepare an amazing apple cake: soft, high and beautifully golden. As I love to try new options and recipes, I decided that I wanted to have the same fluffy and soft cake that my mom prepared, but…gluten […]

Pasta salad with tuna and fresh herbs

Click the image to see the video recipe on YouTube When summer arrives, pasta salads are always a big hit in my family. Easy, tasty and cold. Prime quality Italian tuna in Extra Virgin oil of olive + fresh herbs from my garden will do the magic. Sicilian capers + homemade sun-dried tomatoes + Italian […]