Zucchini and carrots roses tart

Jump to Recipe The apple rose tart I posted for mother’s day last year is still one of my favorite recipes: such a beautiful result with an easy and simple “rolling” technique. And without mentioning that the tart tasted sooooo good. I’ve been preparing the apple tart recipe for very special occasions and every time […]

Strawberry leather or roll-ups

The first time I heard about fruit leather or roll-ups was when I moved to the USA. They are a very popular healthy snack for kids (the homemade version. You can also find fruit leather snacks at the grocery store but the ingredients’ list is not so healthy…). It’s a very thin layer of fruit […]

Baked Eggplant balls with fresh tomato sauce

When it comes to father’s day recipes I have two choices: a very decorative recipe ( i.e. a tie shaped cookie) or a recipe that a special particular dad (my husband) loves. This year I decided to share with you one of my husband’s favorite recipes: eggplant balls with a mozzarella heart dipped in fresh […]

Peach cake – no eggs, no dairy, no gluten – 1st birthday party idea

Peaches are back! Finally I can find local, sweet and juicy peaches again, the Californian sun is working very well!! I want to use some of the peaches I bought at the farmer’s market to prepare a 1st birthday cake. That means no allergy (no eggs, no dairy, gluten free) vegan cake. With a lot […]

Gluten free pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil

Gluten free pizza? yes, it works and you can prepare it at home, easily. The recipe follows the Italian tradition with some changes here and there due to the absence of gluten. I tried different recipes and the one I’m sharing today with you has been approved by the family board. The crust is crispy […]

Heart glass valentine cookies – gluten free

I’ve always been fascinated by “glass cookies” and I always wanted to try this recipe. I used a gluten free cookie dough already tested with A+ results and I just added the “glass” effect. Being S.Valentine around the corner the heart shape was a must. Final result: me and Luca playing with the cookies in […]

Traditional Italian risotto with sweet peas and cheese recipe

Risotto. That’s one of the first recipes that I learned from my mom. I saw her stirring and stirring the risotto for exactly 18 minutes hundreds and hundreds of times. She shared with me some secrets on how to make it more creamy or tasty and today I’m sharing with you this family recipe, a […]

Baked chicken strips with onion dip recipe – Super Bowl for kids

Super Bowl Sunday is coming….it’s a huge sport event here and a great occasion to see friends and family together. Even if you are not into football it’s fun! personally I really enjoy the commercials during the break 🙂 All major brands compete to create the best one.What to cook for a Super Bowl party […]

Eggplant rollups for kids

Kids can be very peculiar with vegetables…and some of them are definitely not in their “favorites” list. Eggplants are one of them. Maybe because of the skin that stays crunchy even when cooked, maybe because of the flavor of the skin itself or maybe because of the seeds. That’s why I wanted to try a […]