How to prepare the tastiest Zucchini & Carrot Meatballs for your kids

Jump to Recipe The tastiest Zucchini and Carrots meatballs can make the kids happy and mama happy in only one bite. These meatballs are juicy, tender and with a 50:50 veggie to meat ratio, a great way to offer vegetables to your kids. They are a big hit at our table. The sauce is new too: I […]

Authentic Italian Easter Pie with Spinach & Ricotta

Authentic Italian Easter Pie (aka Torta Pasqualina) 🐰🐣🐣. Let’s celebrate Easter with one of my favorite Italian pies, Torta Pasqualina. Buttery puff pastry filled with a tasty spinach and ricotta mix and a super fun surprise in the middle: eggs. Slicing the pie and revealing the bright yellow and white boiled eggs in the center […]

The Easiest Fish Sticks ever. Baked & Crispy, 100% kid approved!

Jump to Recipe The easiest fish sticks ever! Crispy outside, tender inside. One of the biggest complaint when preparing a baked fish stick recipe is the lack of crispness. It’s not easy to recreate the same crunchy texture of a fried food, but I’m happy to say that this super easy recipe got full thumbs […]

The Best Roasted Pork Loin with Pancetta and Greens.

Jump to Recipe The best roasted pork loin stuffed with pancetta, Swiss chard and provolone cheese. It brings me back so many childhood memories! It’s simply delicious, the kids loved it and it was gone in one meal. No leftovers 🙂 When you see a roasted pork loin on Pinterest or Instagram you might be […]

How to introduce eggs to your baby & toddler

How to introduce eggs to your baby & toddler? Eggs are definitely a super food for little ones. They are loaded with so many nutrients needed for a proper brain and body development. I recently posted an article about the best baby and toddler recipes with eggs, sharing many delicious ideas on how to serve […]

Dairy Free Pumpkin Almond Cookies

Jump to Recipe Not too sweet, fluffy and flakey at the same time. A great recipe using pumpkin puree. I love how the pumpkin gives moist to the cookies but doesn’t overpower the flavors. This is a great “bake with me” recipe that you can prepare with your toddlers or older kids. Easy mix and […]

Broccoli Salmon Sticks – Vitamin D & Iron boosting recipe +6M

Jump to Recipe Fish sticks loaded with flavor and nutrients. This recipe received thumbs up from the whole family. The sticks have a creamy texture that pleased the kids and provide high amounts of iron, Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Vitamin D that made me happy 🙂 If you are looking for an iron boosting […]

Cauliflower Turmeric Beans Golden Soup for the Cold +6M

Jump to Recipe We are enjoying some Fall weather here in Southern California and it’s finally time for comforting nourishing soups!! Definitely our favorites for so many reasons: they are loaded with good veggies and nutrients every spoon is creamy, welcoming, warm and tasty they come in so many flavors pending the mix of ingredients […]

Homemade Fruit Juice: Peach +6M

Jump to Recipe One of my memories of my summer childhood is related to a special treat that came in a glass jar: the fruit juice!! Smooth, velvety, almost creamy, made from fresh fruit, cold. My mom used to offer it as afternoon snack and I simply loved it. Being the fruit juice made from […]

Peach Cardamom Oatmeal +6M GF

Jump to Recipe Oatmeal, such a creamy and nourishing breakfast idea for little one…and not only for breakfast. Naturally gluten free the oatmeal is a very versatile meal. Starting from the oat base you can really add on so many healthy ingredients to change the flavor and increase the nutritional value of each teaspoon. Today […]