Puff pastry rolls recipe – for kids over 12 months

Today I would love to share with you a very easy recipe that I used for Luca’s bday party…and it was a big success: puff pastry rolls for kids. I will use three different stuffings for the rolls: spinach and ricotta, pancetta (ham) and sage and mozzarella and tomatoes.Kids they liked it as the rolls […]

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Lasagne

Happy Thanksgiving!!This is a recipe that I really like as it’s a mix between the Italian and the American tradition.It’s delicate and yummy. While making it we will prepare a creamy pumpkin puree that will be perfect for the little ones and than we will keep going for the rest of the family members!Also, as […]

White stew – Thanksgiving for babies and kids

I just put Luca’s Halloween costume in the closed and now it’s time to start thinking about Thanksgiving…as I told you, fall is a quite busy time of the year here in the USA 🙂 This is a beautiful and tasty recipe that will warm your baby and the entire family. It’s a perfect family […]

Baby pizzas mummies for Halloween

Halloween, such a beautiful American tradition that has been so nice to embrace! this year even more as Luca now starts understanding what’s going on and enjoying it. I decided to share with you a fun recipe for Halloween with an Italian touch: homemade baby mummies pizzas! You can use the dough recipe for any […]

Mediterranean Meatloaf

Meatloaf…it’s difficult to go wrong. It’s easy to make, very tasty and kids usually love it! It’s hot in LA right now and the meatloaf it’s a good recipe to cook in the evening and serve cold the next day. I think that the meatloaf recipe is like the Thanksgiving turkey stuffing one…every family has […]

Sole Fish Cakes

You know that I’m a fish fan. It’s an amazing source of proteins and “good” fats (omega 3, good for the brain development), that’s why I try to give fish to Luca twice or three times a week. I would classify this recipe as “fun”…it’s a fun way to cook fish and kids will love […]