Millet Apple Cake – Gluten and Dairy Free

This is a lovely cake for the whole family: gluten + dairy + refined sugar free. Super moist and soft for little babies, a nice idea for baby led feeding. It’s also appropriate for an allergy free birthday party or simply to enjoy a super yummy apple cake, no matter how old you are 😉 […]

Ham & Zucchini Baked Croquettes

Ham&Potato croquettes are simply delicious: creamy, tasty, bite size with a melting mozzarella heart! Today I want to share with you a kid friendly version of the traditional recipe: the croquettes are baked and not fried. I also added some zucchini to the mix to make them lighter (and to add some veggies!!). As I didn’t […]

Chickpeas and cauliflower soup

My favorite recipes are the ones that can happily feed the whole family: baby AND the rest of the family at the same time. We all have very busy schedules and being able to prepare one meal for everyone in less than one hour using the same healthy ingredients for me is a big big […]

Yogurt Hummus spread (+9 months)

I always keep some fresh hummus in the refrigerator. It’s so simple to make and perfect for a quick healthy snack when the kids are hungry while I cook dinner/lunch. It’s delicious with raw vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, fennel, celery, tomatoes) or on some pita bread. I also use the hummus as a mayonnaise substitute on […]

Baked Kale Spinach balls

Inspiration for my recipes comes in very different ways. The other week I was buying my grocery at Trader Joe’s and I stopped in front of the frozen area and I saw the frozen “kale and spinach bites”. As I always do when a new food appeals to me at the grocery store, I read the […]

Cannelloni pasta with zucchini

Naming this delicious recipe in English has been a bit tricky 😉 It’s a traditional Italian recipe, usually prepared for family gatherings or Sunday lunches. The proper Italian name is “crespelle”, the Italian version of the French crepes: a delicate, thin, round shape savory pancake made with flour, butter and eggs that can be filled […]

Scalloped Potatoes with zucchini and Speck ham

The Holiday season is almost here and I always like to add few super kid friendly recipes in my menu. Easy to prepare and always on the healthy side! The traditional scalloped potatoes recipe is delicious: creamy, tasty and comforting. I started with that concept in mind and I substituted few ingredients in order to make […]

Creamy rice with Parmesan Cheese

This is THE recipe that my mom used to prepare when I was a child and I was under the weather with an upset tummy: healthy child comfort food! My kids love this recipe as it is creamy, warm and tasty. I love it as it is easy to digest, healthy and so simple to […]

Crostata with homemade Nutella – no butter, no eggs, no milk!

Crostata, tart, gallette. Three different ways to express the same concept: a flaky crumbly crust filled either with fruit jam or with a chocolate mousse and decorated on top with the same dough of the crust. Simply delicious, tremendously easy to prepare. Crostata is the very traditional sweet that you usually prepare at home and […]

Smoked salmon avocado rolls recipe

A fresh and fun idea for lunch for your kids. My little Luca really likes smoked salmon, that’s why he really enjoys those “sushi style” rolls. On my side I like the good amount of Omega 3 fats contained in smoked salmon. Once in a while it’s a good ingredient for our meals. The addition of […]