Parmesan and Panko baked chicken strips

Chicken is a very good choice for a kids meal: delicate taste, lean meat, good source of animal proteins and with unexpected anti-inflammatory properties (to keep in mind when it’s cold season…). That’s why I like to find easy, fun and tasty ways to cook it like in today’s Parmesan cheese with Panko breadcrumbs baked chicken […]

Gluten free polenta pizza

My mom is in town (yeah!!!!!!) and she is the polenta expert. She knows how to perfectly cook it and she also really likes it. I decided to let her prepare the polenta (she’s the best!!) and I played around the traditional recipe to prepare something fun and inviting for the kids: mini polenta pizzas!!! […]

Homemade Bechamel Sauce from scratch

Bechamel sauce or white sauce is one of the basic sauce in the French and Italian cousine, it’s also one of the easiest sauces to prepare from scratch. So easy that it almost impossible to fail 🙂 It will take you only 10 minutes to prepare and the final result will have NO comparison with […]

Asparagus and sweet peas lasagne

Lasagne is a very versatile recipe: the traditional one is with meat and tomato, but you can prepare lasagne with fish, eggs, with any sort of vegetable…and as we are in full asparagus and sweet peas season, today I’m happy to share with you my “Asparagus, sweet peas and ham green lasagne”. It’s a very […]

Chocolate salami cookies for Xmas – no eggs no bake

No bake, no eggs cookies. Fun to make, incredibly easy and festive. I used to prepare the chocolate salami cookies when I was a child and now it’s time for my little Luca to prepare it with me and have fun together mashing the cookies and kneading the dough…and tasting some of it during the […]

Pumpkin gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce

Thanksgiving, such a beautiful holiday!! I really like the concept of saying “Thank you” to the persons you love. Sometimes life runs faster than we do and we really do not have time to stop and appreciate all the good things that we have. that’s why I like Thanksgiving. it’s a pit stop to catch […]

Banana quinoa pudding

This is a good recipe for our little ones and a new breakfast idea for the rest of the family. many good properties! Tecnically it’s not a cereal, it’s a seed, but it can be used in cooking as a cereal. Why I like it and I suggest it for babies and kids? Has […]

Colorful pasta with homemade basil Pesto

Welcome to Italy!As promised, we were able to shoot few recipes during our Italian holiday 🙂 We are in Ospedaletti, in a region called Liguria, northern Italy, next to the French border. My family has a beach apartment there and I’ve been going there since I was born. Almost every summer of my life has […]

Italian Mac&Cheese with Carrots

I know, it’s summer…and I know, Mac&Cheese has not a very “healthy and light diet” fame…but “June Gloom” has not totally gone yet (cloudy, overcast skies with cool temperatures in the morning and evenings..) and I was in a “healthy homemade comfort food” mood. Here you are my very personal Italian version of Mac&Cheese…it’s good […]

Vegetable Broth

That’s the very first recipe I prepared for my baby when I introduced him to solid foods. He was 6 months. It’s a very easy and basic recipe, but that’s all they need at the beginning! Enjoy!! More from my site Yogurt & Chocolate popsicle recipe Cracker ai ceci – senza glutine Semolina carrot soup […]