Super Pink Soft Beets & Potato Gnocchi

Super fun recipe: the final result will happily surprise your kids, the vibrant pink color of these gnocchi is simply in Technicolor 🙂 The recipe is very simple and ready in 20 minutes. I simply added to the traditional potato gnocchi some boiled red beets. That’s it, nothing more! Beets will not only color the […]

Broccoli Mortadella mini quiches – crustless

When you are planning the Christmas menu for a large number of people it’s always nice to keep in mind the kids and prepare something that can be appealing both for them and for the grown ups 😉 The Broccoli and Mortadella crustless mini quiches are a very flavorful idea that will please both your […]

Chocolate Banana Smoothie with a2 Milk®

After an active and busy day at school, a yummy and healthy snack is what the kids deserve. 😉 If you do not have a lot of time, a smoothie is the way to go. My kids’ favorite smoothie is chocolate & banana: thick and creamy, protein-packed, filled with healthy nutrients. And since today I […]

No bake Watermelon Cupcakes with coconut cream frosting – vegan

I’m always looking for first birthday party dessert ideas that babies can enjoy too! It happens too often that the 1st birthday cake is incredibly beautifully decorated and heavenly sweet, with layers of cream and fluffy pastry…but it is not very appropriate for the party boy/girl. You might have waited 12 months to introduce cow’s […]

Camomile cake – no eggs, no dairy, no butter

A delicate, relaxing cake to offer to your kids when you want to give them a sweet treat but not loaded with dynamite sugars 🙂 A nice evening snack or a wonderful 1st birthday cake as it has no eggs, no dairy, no butter and you can substitute the honey with either agave syrup or […]

Dairy Free Coconut cookies

  When something is not only healthy but also tastes good HAS to be shared 😉 These coconut cookies are extremely easy and fast to make: mix all the ingredients + create small balls with your hands + bake. That’s it. really. nothing more. In less than half an hour you will have your batch […]

Lemon & Soy Sauce Grilled Shrimp

Hot summer days require easy, fast and fresh recipes, ready in 10 minutes when everybody is hungry and nobody wants to cook in front of the stove for hours 😉 You can clean and marinate the shrimp in 20 minutes in the morning or even the night before and cook them in less than 10 […]

Semolina stars gnocchi with fresh tomato sauce

Kids really like semolina gnocchi. They are creamy and cheesy. Soft. Fun as they can be cut in any shapes you like. And..something important to mention, super easy to prepare. Today I played around the traditional recipe to create a more summer one, using fresh sugar plum tomatoes and some paprika. Yummy! That’s all you […]

White Cannellini Bean Spread with Hazelnuts and Lemon

This spread is a great way to get kids to eat healthful beans. Also try it as a dip for vegetables (cucumbers or carrots) or pita bread, it’s lovely! Cannellini beans + hazelnuts are a nice healthy powerful food for your kids. A good balance of complex carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. It only takes 5 minutes to prepare and […]

Strawberry chocolate pancake cake – dairy free

I shared with you many healthy recipes for a 1st bday cake (no eggs, no milk, no sugar…) delicate and tasty at the same time. But what about the 2nd bday?? I rather prefer to stay on the healthy side with a beautiful decadent multi-layer cake. The cake structure is made with fluffy homemade pancakes […]